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Manufacturing & Warehousing

Organisations in the manufacturing and warehousing sector can have a high rate of costly work-related injuries - in particular with regard to the operation of machinery and forklifts.  In order to maximise worker safety, minimise risk and potentially reduce workers compensation expenses, a workplace drug and alcohol program may assist in identifying potential individuals at risk of injury or accident.  

DASA has worked with manufacturing and warehousing companies to implement quality and cost effective workplace drug and alcohol programs that not only meet the needs and expectations of all stakeholders, but importantly minimize risk and improve safety. DASA also understands that ongoing education and training is critical to ensuring the workforce understands its obligations. We have a range of the most up to date educational and training material delivered in a variety of formats to suit all workplaces. 

We deliver knowledge, partnership and results to manufacturing and warehousing operators in the following ways:

  • Fail safe 24/7 1300 on call co-ordination service

  • Dedicated on call collectors who can arrive within the hour for post incident and cause testing

  • Testing can be done roadside 

  • Qualified and experienced staff including collectors who are directly employed by DASA

  • Fast Laboratory confirmation

  • Widespread coverage in Australia and New Zealand

  • Advice on policy development to ensure it meets current best practice

  • Training for staff and managers that complies with your HR requirements


If you would like to know more about DASA and how we can help with your organisation’s drug and alcohol program, call us on 1300 230 231 or email

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