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Health Check for Your Drug & Alcohol Policy [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

A robust drug and alcohol policy is fundamental to a successful workplace drug and alcohol program. However, if not reviewed regularly, a drug and alcohol policy might not be as up to date or as comprehensive as it should be.

We have outlined the key elements of a sound drug and alcohol policy in a short and convenient checklist.

Download the file below to see how well your policy stacks up.

Health Check for Your DA Policy
Download PDF • 156KB

If you need any help updating your drug & alcohol policy to meet Australian industry standards and regulations, get in touch via or call John on 1300 230 231


DASA (Drug and Alcohol Solutions Australia) is proud to be leading the way in workplace drug and alcohol services throughout Australia. Whether your need is for workplace drug testing and workplace alcohol testing, advice on drug and alcohol policy or ideas on how to communicate your workplace expectations, policies and procedures to your staff, DASA can help. We have the experience, technical expertise and people to lead you to the right solution.

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