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Drug & Alcohol Policy Development

Assistance with Drug & Alcohol Policy Development: About Us

Having a robust drug and alcohol policy is absolutely key to the effective management of alcohol and other drugs in the workplace. However, time and again, we come across organisations with little or no policy to guide workplace drug and alcohol decisions. We also see very strong policies being very poorly implemented.


Either way, the organisation is being exposed to risk unnecessarily.


That’s why we offer assistance with drug and alcohol policy development to organisations across Australia and New Zealand.


Our experts have helped develop some of the best policies in Australia, across a diverse range of industries. We understand the industrial, legal, WHS, and privacy issues impacting alcohol and other drugs in the workplace, as well as having the technical know-how and workplace experience to guide implementation.


If you would like to better manage the risk of drugs and alcohol in your workplace, call us on 1300 230 231 or email

DASA Drug & Alcohol Policy Development
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