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Construction, Mining & Energy

Managing risk is paramount in these high risk work environments. Operators in the construction, mining and energy sector face a high rate of work-related injuries. Drug and alcohol testing programs have been identified as useful tools in identifying individuals that may be at risk of injury or accident. 

However, there can be many challenges to implementing a drug and alcohol program. Worker safety is critical and companies operate in a politically sensitive landscape with many diverse stakeholders.  In our experience with construction, mining and energy operators, we understand that the workforce may be mobile and located in small numbers at numerous locations, often remote. Our network of over 100 directly employed collectors nationwide ensures we can deliver a consistent quality service wherever it’s required.  

DASA also understands that ongoing education and training is critical to ensuring the workforce understands its obligations. We have a range of the most up to date educational and training material delivered in a variety of formats to suit all workplaces.

For the construction industry, regulation such as the Federal Building Code 2013 highlights the need for organisations to be across their obligations with regard to drug and alcohol issues.  FWBC Policy from February 2016 requires implementation of drug and alcohol testing for workers involved in all projects that meet a threshold for Commonwealth funding.

DASA offers a drug and alcohol program that not only complies with relevant legislations but meets the unique operating needs of your business.

We achieve this through knowledge, partnership and results:

  • Fail safe 24/7 1300 on call co-ordination service

  • Dedicated on call collectors who can arrive within the hour for post incident and cause testing

  • Testing can be done roadside 

  • Qualified and experienced staff including collectors who are directly employed by DASA

  • Best technology available including AS4760 compliant onsite devices with benzodiazepines

  • Fast Laboratory confirmation

  • Widespread coverage in Australia and New Zealand

  • Advice on policy development to ensure it meets current best practice

  • Training for staff and managers that complies with your HR requirements

If you would like to know more about DASA and how we can help with your drug and alcohol program, call us on 1300 230 231 or email

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