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Confidentiality Policy

The DASA Commitment: About Us


Drug and Alcohol Solutions Australia (DASA) and DASA-NZ provides expert training, policy development and workplace alcohol and drug screening services to a wide range of clients in Australia and New Zealand. Our staff handle sensitive information about these clients and their workers.


An employee of DASA, or those undertaking work on our behalf, will not, during the employment relationship or afterwards, disclose or use in any manner, any client or worker information, reports, results, files, or confidential knowledge gained during their employment.


Knowledge or information gained about a client’s business, policies or procedures will not, during the employment relationship or afterwards, be disclosed or used in any manner.


During employment or thereafter, information relating to the business of DASA will not be used or disclosed. Confidential information includes, but is not limited to, client lists, client details, trade secrets, business plans, financial information, or pricing structures


Information may only be disclosed if ordered by a Court or by DASA management. Unauthorised disclosure of information will result in the ceasing of the employment relationship.

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