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Our people are our strength. Our unique team of professionals are proficient in all areas of health and safety. We are experienced in occupational medicine, the science behind drug and alcohol testing, how medicines work in the body and the potential for impairment in the workplace and WHS / risk management. Our expert team is here to help and happy to share our knowledge – no question too big or too small.

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Associate Professor David Allen

A/Prof David Allen, occupational and environmental physician, brings over 25 years experience in workplace health to the team. David has a unique understanding of how alcohol and other drugs impact not just the individual, but the workplace as a whole. He knows first-hand the increasing risk drugs and alcohol pose in the workplace. He also has vast knowledge and experience with the legal, regulatory and political dimensions of workplace drug and alcohol programs. David’s health professional approach combined with many years’ experience managing drug and alcohol issues in workplaces across Australia, enables DASA to implement solutions that are right for the worker and right for the workplace – every time. David also is a director of Sydney Occupational Health in Merrylands 

John De Mellow

John De Mellow, medical scientist, has over 30 years experience in scientific technology, specifically in the area of drug testing equipment. John’s methodological expertise means DASA has a strong grasp of the practical aspects of drug and alcohol testing and a solid commitment to technical accuracy. John has represented the WDTA on the Australian Standard committees for oral fluids (4760) and urine (4308) drug testing. John is readily able – and happy – to answer the technical questions. John’s technological knowledge and proficiency keeps DASA at the cutting edge of this fast moving industry.

David and John are supported by a team of professionals with expertise in the areas of pharmacology, workplace health and safety, risk management, training and education and quality management. The depth and breadth of expertise in the team allows DASA to fully understand the complexities - and the challenge - drugs and alcohol pose in the workplace.  
The team’s diversity means all aspects and all stakeholders are considered when applying our knowledge to your business. Our well-rounded and highly experienced team will work in partnership with you on any and all aspects of your drug and alcohol program to deliver quality results.

Our ongoing partnership extends to our webinars, resource material, fact sheets and newsletters as well as our email for confidential responses to any drug and alcohol related questions you or your staff may have.

To access our team simply call us on 1300 230 231 or email

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