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Transport and Logistics are high profile and safety critical industries.  Its workers often undergo external testing from the police and the Roads and Traffic Authority especially if a serious accident has occurred. Therefore any prudent organisation needs to ensure they have a well-documented and effective drug and alcohol program in operation to mitigate these risks. 


DASA has years of experience partnering with some of the largest organisations involved in national transport and logistics. We conduct thousands of for cause and post incident tests nationwide every year. DASA has considerable experience in assisting organisations to implement an effective and cost efficient Drug and Alcohol program, whether you are a large national or smaller local operation.

DASA leads the way in:


  • Advice on policy development to ensure it meets current best practice

  • Training for staff and managers in order to comply with HR requirements

  • Qualified and experienced staff including collectors who are directly employed by DASA

  • Fail safe 24/7 1300 on call co-ordination service

  • Dedicated on call collectors who can arrive within the hour for post incident and cause testing (2-3 hours regional)

  • Fast Laboratory confirmation, results 24-48 hours from arrival at the lab
  • Australia wide coverage even in remote areas

DASA’s medical, scientific and OHS expertise ensures a clear focus on health and safety. We can assist your organisation implement a cost effective program that meets your unique requirements.

If you would like to know more about DASA and how we can help with your organisation’s drug and alcohol program, call us on 1300 230 231 or email

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