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Updated: Jun 8, 2022

While most of us are aware of the impact of excessive alcohol consumption on the liver, health impacts on the brain are less well known. A recent UK study has shed some light on this area and the findings are very sobering!

This UK research looked at 300 individuals aged between 39 and 45 years, most of whom reported drinking an average of less than 14 units of alcohol a week- considered to be a moderate or low-risk level of drinking. The results of the study showed that even at this level, there was a reduction in the amount of total brain tissue seen on brain scans. This is important because loss of brain tissue reduces the brain’s ability to function at an optimum level.

Moreover, these findings echo results from an earlier study that found drinking between 7 and 14 units of alcohol a week was associated with a smaller brain size. (

What these studies show is that the liver isn’t the only organ that can be damaged by drinking and that drinking alcohol - even at moderate levels - might be slowly damaging our brains.

DASA has a range of education materials on alcohol and its effects on the body. Get in touch with John De Mellow on 02 8001-2535 or via email to discuss how we can help increase understanding of the effects of alcohol in your workplace.

Source: The Conversation


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