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Is fake urine fake news?

Unfortunately not!

A quick internet search of “how to pass a urine drug test” will provide anyone with a huge variety of options for methods to ‘cheat’ – at least some of which do actually work.

One of the common methods is substituting the donor’s urine with a synthetic, or ‘fake’ urine that can be prepared beforehand and does not contain any drugs. Synthetic urine does have a legitimate use, primarily for laboratory calibration of urine testing equipment. Sale and purchase of this product does not appear to contravene any State or Federal law, and a number of versions are sold online or in retail locations Australia wide.

While not a common finding, most laboratories across Australia & NZ regularly report samples which they do not believe are from a biological source. Detection rates do vary, however, and some sophisticated versions of synthetic urine will pass most on-site or even routine laboratory checks, so if there is any doubt (unusual odour, colour, or temperature especially) it may be useful to identify these samples as requiring further investigation by a laboratory.

But we use Oral fluid drug testing – are there fake versions of that as well?

There are sporadic reports of various methods to interfere with an oral fluid drug test, but it is much more difficult than for urine. The whole process of an oral fluid drug test is observed by the collector (this is not typically the case for urine due to privacy concerns), and the oral cavity can be easily checked for any excess fluids or materials designed to interfere with the test. 

Most food, soft drinks, cough lollies etc have been shown to have no effect on the drug test devices we use and our standard collection procedures are designed to eliminate the possibility of any interference with the test – intentional or otherwise!

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