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Safe Work NSW concerns over drug use in law firm

Safe Work NSW, the state’s workplace health and safety regulator, has written to one of the nation’s top law firms advising of concerns that “workers and others may be at risk in the workplace due to being under the influence of supplements and drugs” [The Australian newspaper 22 November 2018].

The health and safety watchdog wrote to the Sydney office of Gilbert + Tobin after complaints had been received from current and former employees. Safe Work NSW has flagged that it may visit the firm in the future to follow up on how this matter has been addressed.

The influence of drug and alcohol use can affect any workplace. Employers have a duty of care to ensure the health, safety and well being of their staff.  Clear and consistent communication about the management of drugs and alcohol at work is important. A good place to start, is a robust drug and alcohol policy. DASA can assist with this.

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