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The ins & outs of in-house drug & alcohol testing

When deciding how to implement drug & alcohol testing at your workplace, the in-house drug & alcohol testing option can seem attractive. Train a couple of responsible employees to do the drug & alcohol tests. Keep it simple. Save some money. Right? Wrong! This seemingly economical approach could end up costing your organisation a lot more than you may think.

If you are considering in-house drug & alcohol testing, there is a lot to think about: before, during and after drug & alcohol testing:

 1) Storage and adequate supplies of in-date stock

 2) Calibration and use of controls

 3) How to transport non-negative samples to the laboratory

 4) Chain of custody procedures

 5) How to interpret laboratory reports and fitness for work assessments

 6) Collectors – are they accredited and are they willing and able to deal with potentially highly emotional situations, especially after a non-negative result?

 7) Safe disposal of used test kits

These are just a few - there is lots more to consider.

By using an independent, expert, third-party tester, both the employer and the workers can have faith in the drug & alcohol testing procedure. Furthermore, DASA's medical and health focus means we can reassure all parties, de-escalate a situation and get the testing done efficiently and - importantly - in a way that complies with the Standard.

Our "In-house Drug & Alcohol Testing" fact sheet is a great way to inform yourself on this topic.

It is available FREE of charge. Simply send an email to or call us on (02) 8001-2535.


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