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The silly season begins…..

The end of the year is approaching and many of us will celebrate the festive season over a drink or three with friends, family and work colleagues. However, too often, the party season takes its toll on our health and may affect our safety at work. How can you be safe these holidays ?

Plan an alcohol strategy:

Before the party, plan ways to minimise alcohol intake such as • Water should be the first drink-or something soft-if possible. It will help quench thirst and stop the risk of drinking the first alcoholic drink too quickly. • Drink alcoholic drinks slowly • Choose low alcohol varieties of beer or wine • Make every second drink water or non-alcoholic • Eat before drinking and eat throughout the party • Count standard drinks not glasses of alcohol

Staying Safe the day after:

If it has been a big night, blood alcohol levels may still be too high to drive or work next day. A raised blood alcohol level, or even a bad hangover can mean that you are not ‘fit for work”.  Nothing can sober you up, but time. Drinking water, sports drinks or even vomiting won’t help the liver to metabolise the alcohol any faster and so won’t affect your blood alcohol concentration or potential impairment. lt takes the average person about an hour to metabolise 1 standard drink but this may vary due to a wide range of factors.

On an organisational level, the workplace Christmas event needs careful planning especially if alcohol is to be served. A Fair Work Australia decision in 2015 found that the employer was in part to blame for an employee sexually harassing a co-worker (1). DASA can assist in this area with a range of education materials and advice. Contact us at to find out how we can be of assistance.


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