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Victorian Rail workers are being urged to carefully review their drug use

Drugs of abuse are not the only concern for an employer when they are looking at minimising risk of accidents at work. Many prescription and over the counter medications can have an impairing effect, they often carry a warning not to drive or operate heavy machinery. This is often not well understood or communicated placing the worker at risk. Recently however the Transport Safety Victoria has notified rail workers “that their obligations under the Rail Safety Act 2006 – which makes it an offence to work while impaired by drugs – extend beyond illegal substances. It has warned that prescription medicines, off-the-shelf medications such as sedatives, tranquillisers and herbal remedies may affect workplace safety.”

Transport Safety Victoria have therefore produced an information card that can be carried by rail workers to remind themselves and their health professionals to be aware of the medications they are using especially within the context of the tasks they may be performing at work.

DASA has for many years provided these type of cards to our customers as well as lists of common medications that may be detected in random drug and alcohol testing. Contact us to find out how we can assist your workplace to become a safer environment.

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