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Drug and Alcohol Testing and Training at Your Workplace

Australia and New Zealand
Oral fluid and urine testing

Cause tests within the hour
Cost-effective quality training and education

Drug and Alcohol Solutions Australia
Knowledge. Partnership. Results.

DASA proudly delivers effective drug and alcohol programs that significantly reduce drug and alcohol risk and improve workplace safety. Our tried-and-true approach is summed up in 3 key words: Knowledge, Partnership, Results. Our expertise, applied to your business, helps you deliver a safer, drug and alcohol free workplace. That is the DASA guarantee.

Implementing & Managing a Workplace Drug and Alcohol Program

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1. Set your Policy

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2. Communicate it to Staff

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3. Implement Testing


4. Review the Program


Our Services

Our Services
DASA Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug & Alcohol Testing

We provide onsite drug and alcohol testing services to workplaces across Australia and New Zealand. Whether it be scheduled in advance or in response to a workplace incident, our drug and alcohol testing is conducted by qualified collectors in line with the relevant Standards.

DASA Training & Education

Training & Education

We support your drug and alcohol program by providing practical, cost-effective quality training and education, in line with your workplace needs. First and foremost, our training and education program builds awareness and understanding of your drug and alcohol policy. 

Drug & Alcohol Policy Development

We offer assistance with robust workplace drug and alcohol policy development and implementation to organisations across Australasia.

DASA Drug & Alcohol Policy Development
DASA Expert Advice

Expert Advice

Our unique team of experts are proficient in the key areas of occupational medicine, laboratory and medical science, testing standards, pharmacology, safety, operations and training.

The DASA Advantage: Knowledge. Partnership. Results.

Our Difference


Expert delivery of successful drug and alcohol programs: 

  • More than 100 collectors - employees not contractors

  • 24/7 on-call for causal or post-incident testing

  • Collector on site average 43 minutes

  • Homegrown collectors with local knowledge and understanding

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Expert delivery of successful drug and alcohol programs:

  • Policy development 

  • Training and education

  • Specialist medical understanding

  • Scientific know-how 

  • Compliance

  • Operational integration


We work with you to achieve your outcomes:

  • Our expertise applied to your business

  • Cost effective drug and alcohol program tailored to your workplace

  • A testing regime that makes sense for your operations

  • Initial and ongoing education for workers and supervisors to support your drug and alcohol program


Results driven by our commitment to drug testing and service quality.

  • Committed to the highest quality service

  • ASNZS4760 certification for oral fluid drug testing

  • ASNZS4308 certification for urine drug testing

  • ISO9001 quality management accreditation

  • Member of Sedex - Supplier Ethical Data Exchange

We Get Results

Quick turn-around of laboratory results: 

  • Prompt NATA laboratory confirmation - usually same day as received at laboratory

  • Confidential delivery of lab results via secure portal

  • Scientific interpretation of results and medical implications for the workplace

  • Result delivered to you 24/7

Industries We Service

Industries We Partner

DASA Transport  & Logistics

Transport  & Logistics

DASA Manufacturing & Warehousing

Manufacturing & Warehousing

DASA Services
DASA Government


DASA Mining

Construction, Mining & Energy

DASA team is led by A/Prof David Allen
DASA team is led by John De Mellow

The DASA Team

The DASA team is led by A/Prof David Allen and John De Mellow. They spearhead a powerfully unique knowledge base, combining expertise in occupational medicine, scientific know-how, pharmacology and workplace health, safety and risk management. Our focus on health and safety - not just enforcement – makes us a valuable partner.


Because of our broad expertise, we can provide much more than just onsite drug and alcohol testing. Many of our clients value the detailed assistance and advice we give on a wide range of issues - policy development, communicating expectations, implementing policies, interpreting results, individual case management, as well as training staff in drug and alcohol issues.


These issues are complicated - at times delicate, sensitive, difficult - and always individual. There is no standard solution for the drug and alcohol problems occurring in workplaces these days. That is why we work with you to deliver the most effective solution for your business.

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