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DASA is proud to be leading the way in workplace drug and alcohol testing and services throughout Australasia. Whether your need is for onsite drug and alcohol testing at work, advice on drug and alcohol policy or ideas on how to communicate your workplace expectations, policies and procedures to your staff, DASA can help. We have the experience, technical expertise and people to lead you to the right solution.


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Our Services


Drug & Alcohol Testing

We provide comprehensive drug and alcohol testing services for the workplace across Australasia – delivered onsite or in-clinic.

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Drug & Alcohol Policy Development

We offer assistance with robust workplace drug and alcohol policy development and implementation to organisations across Australasia.


Training & Education Courses

We can help ensure the success of your workplace drug and alcohol policy by providing practical, cost-effective workshops for managers and supervisors as well as drug and alcohol education for your employees.

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Expert Advice

Our unique team of caring professionals are proficient in the key areas of occupational medicine, the science behind  onsite drug and alcohol testing and workplace health and safety / risk management.


The DASA Commitment

DASA is committed to excellence and to meeting the highest standards for onsite drug and alcohol testing at work, training and consulting services. Our quality management system is endorsed to ISO 9001 and we are certified to AS4760 for oral fluid collection and onsite testing and AS4308 for urine drug testing.


We have a team of over 110 collectors, providing quality coverage across Australia and New Zealand. Our collectors are certified to Australian standards and share a commitment to privacy, confidentiality and attention to detail. We are now proudly one of the largest providers of workplace drug and alcohol testing services in Australasia. 


Industries We Service

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Transport  & Logisitcs

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Mining & Energy

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"Leading the way"


How we differ


Leading the way with one of the largest collector networks in the country. 

  • More than 110 collectors – employees not contractors

  • Collector on site average 43 minutes from receipt of your call

  • Collectors certified to Australian standards – professional and respectful of your privacy

Lab Turn-around

Leading the way with rapid response for post-incident or for-cause drug and alcohol testing.

  • Reliable and prompt results – usually same day as received at laboratory

  • NATA accredited lab with fast turn around

  • Committed to privacy, confidentiality and attention to detail


Leading the way with our commitment to drug testing and service quality.

  • Committed to the highest quality service to you every time

  • AS4760 certification

  • AS4308 certification

  • ISO9001 quality management accreditation

Customer Focus

Leading the way in customer partnership.

  • Customised drug and alcohol testing program for your unique workplace

  • Partner with you to meet your needs and minimise risk

  • We take our commitment to our customers seriously



Leading the way with expert drug and alochol testing at work advice and guidance.

The DASA team of A/Prof David Allen and John De Mellow, provides a powerfully unique knowledge base, combining expertise in occupational medicine, scientific know-how and workplace health, safety and risk management. Our focus on health and safety not just enforcement provides a unique perspective in this area.

Because of their broad expertise, we can provide much more than just onsite drug and alcohol testing services. Many of our clients value the detailed assistance and advice we give on a wide range of issues - policy development, communicating expectations, implementing policies, interpreting results, individual case management, as well as training staff in drug and alcohol issues.

These issues are complicated - at times delicate, sensitive, difficult - and always individual. There is no standard solution for the drug and alcohol problems occurring in workplaces these days. That is why the expertise we have at DASA is so respected by our clients.


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