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Aussies drinking more post-pandemic.

DASA - Aussies drinking more post-pandemic.

According to the latest Roy Morgan’s alcohol consumption report, more Australians are drinking alcohol now than before the pandemic.

In the 12 months to March 2023, over two-thirds (67.6%) of Australians aged 18 years and over consumed alcohol in an average 4 week period. This compares with 66.3% in the 12 months to March 2020. That is a growth of 1.3%, which works out to be about an additional 600,000 Aussies drinking alcohol.

And what are we drinking?

Wine remains our most popular drink of choice, increasing from 41.0% pre-pandemic to 43.9% in the 12 months to March 2023.

Beer is our second most popular alcohol beverage; however, it is declining in popularity, with just 32.2% of people drinking beer (down from 37.6% in the 12 months to March 2020).

Spirits are not far behind, with 27.5% of Australian adults drinking spirits in an average 4 week period in the 12 months to March 2023, slightly less than 2020 levels.

DASA - Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, Apr. 2019 – Mar 2020, n=14,632. Apr. 2022 – Mar. 2023, n=63,473.
Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, Apr. 2019 – Mar 2020, n=14,632. Apr. 2022 – Mar. 2023, n=63,473. Base: Australians aged 18+

The big surprise is the significant increase in the popularity of “ready-to-drink” (RTD) beverages. Although they currently sit in fourth place in terms of consumption, these drinks are increasing in popularity. Before the pandemic, RTD beverages accounted for 10.8% of all alcohol consumed but now account for 20.8%. Not surprisingly given their palatability and convenience, RTD beverages are most popular with younger (less than 34 years old) drinkers.

What this study shows is that alcohol remains a significant part of our Australian way of life. As such, it is also very likely to be a part of our working life. And that is a problem because alcohol - in any shape or form - poses a significant risk to workplace safety and wellbeing.

DASA has been assisting workplaces in the management of alcohol and other drugs for over 15 years. If your organisation recognises the importance of proactive alcohol and drug management, get in touch with us today on 1300 230 231 or email


DASA (Drug and Alcohol Solutions Australia) is proud to be leading the way in workplace drug and alcohol testing services throughout Australia. Whether your need is for workplace drug and workplace alcohol testing, advice on drug and alcohol policy or ideas on how to communicate your workplace expectations, policies and procedures to your staff, DASA can help. We have the experience, technical expertise and people to lead you to the right solution.


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