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Canada revises their alcohol consumption guidelines. Will Australia follow suit?

Alcohol Guidelines DASA

In 2011 Australia and Canada had the same guidelines on alcohol consumption, both countries limiting alcohol to 10 standard drinks for women and 15 for men.

In December 2020, Australia's guidelines to reduce the risks associated with drinking alcohol were revised, recommending healthy men and women should drink no more than 10 standard drinks a week and no more than four on any one day.

Earlier this year Canada’s Health Authority went further, releasing new, more conservative, guidelines on alcohol consumption. The new guidelines are a significant shift from previous and introduce a "continuum of risk" with weekly alcohol consumption, as follows:

  • The risk of harm from alcohol is low for those who have two standard drinks or less.

  • That risk is moderate for those who have between three and six standard drinks per week, and the risk of developing several types of cancer increases.

  • For those who have seven or more drinks, the risk is "increasingly high" and the risk of heart disease or stroke increases.

Canada’s new guidelines are based on research that clearly shows alcohol consumption – at any level - involves risk and that the less alcohol consumed, the lower the risk.

Here in Australia, there is no call to revise the alcohol consumption guidelines, but more a commitment to ensuring drinkers are informed and aware of the risks.

DASA has a range of education material that can help keep your workers informed and aware of the safety and medical risks associated with alcohol consumption. If you’d like to know more, contact John De Mellow on 1300 230 231.


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