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Wrapping up the year safely

DASA:  Wrapping up the year safely.

As the Christmas season approaches, we find ourselves on the home stretch, eagerly anticipating the festivities. However, before we dive into the holiday spirit with thongs, Santa hats, and barbecues, we have to get through these next two weeks - a period renowned for being the busiest time of the year, both professionally and personally.

For many businesses, demand reaches its peak during this season. It's a time marked by looming project deadlines, comprehensive objective reviews, and a collective effort to tie up loose ends before taking a well-deserved break. Beyond the workplace, our schedules are packed with Christmas preparations, year-end school activities, and social gatherings with friends and family.

Amidst the whirlwind of activities, there's a natural tendency to rush, become easily distracted, and experience heightened stress levels. It's not uncommon to witness an uptick in alcohol consumption and drug use, either as a means of enhancing enjoyment or coping with the seasonal pressures.

In the workplace, these next two weeks are crucial for reinforcing the importance of safety. As business owners, managers and team leaders, it's a time to remind your people to slow down, exercise caution, resist the temptation of shortcuts, and importantly, look out for one another. By doing so, we can ensure that everyone returns home safely to their families this Christmas.

From all of us here in the DASA team, we wish you a safe and happy festive season and we look forward to a bright 2024.


DASA (Drug and Alcohol Solutions Australia) is proud to be leading the way in workplace drug and alcohol testing services throughout Australia. Whether your need is for workplace drug and workplace alcohol testing, advice on drug and alcohol policy or ideas on how to communicate your workplace expectations, policies and procedures to your staff, DASA can help. We have the experience, technical expertise and people to lead you to the right solution.



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