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Your Drug & Alcohol Policy and the 2019 Standard

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Oral fluid drug testing in workplaces must now adhere to a new Standard – ASNZS 4760:2019. This replaces the previous edition (2006).

Although not markedly different from the current standard, 2019 does introduce some changes that you and your staff need to be aware of.

Key Changes

  1. The cut-off for Cannabis (THC) has been lowered from 25ng/mL to 15ng/mL

  2. Oxycodone is now included as a separate drug class.

  3. Benzodiazepines remain an optional test.

  4. The Standard now applies to oral fluid drug testing in both Australia and New Zealand.

  5. The consent form will explicitly reference privacy legislation and the right to dispute a non- negative result with the availability of a referee sample held at the laboratory.

The move to the 2019 Standard is a perfect time to review your drug and alcohol policy.

As an absolute minimum, we suggest the following changes:

  • Reference to the date of the Standard (ie 2006) should be removed. We suggest the use of “ASNZS4760 and subsequent editions” rather than inserting 2019.

  • If you have included the table from the Standard which shows the cutoffs, it will need to be revised to include Oxycodone (40ng/mL) and the lower (15ng/mL) cutoff for THC. Generally, however, we suggest deletion of this table and the inclusion of a sentence that indicates that the testing will comply with ASNZS4760 and subsequent editions and will utilise testing devices that are compliant with the Standard.

If you need any help updating your policy to the 2019 Standard, get in touch via or call John on 1300 230 231


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